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A Voice of the Next Generation: 7th Symposium

February 3, 2016

A voice of the next generation says, “I think that the ‘none’s’ category is increasing because the Christian Church holds on to archaic beliefs and does not address the issues of the modern times. It is obvious to me that church is a place where women’s rights and equality are seldom discussed; instead of addressing our intellects and capabilities, the church only seems to be concerned with our virginities. What is also quite alarming to me is the amount of hate Christians have towards the LGBTQ community. Hate is taught — either explicitly or implicitly through sermons and attitudes of the church. I want the church to be a place where questions are encouraged, answered and discussed. A place where differences of opinions and views open up dialogue and ideas. Church should not be a place of shaming and hating, but of loving and growing.”

Register now for ISAAC’s 7th Symposium where these and other related topics will be discussed.

Reflection on 7th Symposium: Alex Dobbs

The ISAAC Dones and Nones Symposium was fantastic! So many good speakers sharing great wisdom on how to love, welcome, converse with, and journey with those feeling alienated by the church. I learned our approach as church leaders has to be one of love and really...

Reflection on 7th Symposium: Janelle Paule

As a millennial who has been hurt by the Church, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of thinking that I am the only one in my situation. I know that God loves the church, so when my attitude towards the church is one of bitterness, I often wonder if that means...