We raise up the next generation of spiritual leaders by providing intersectional learning spaces that bridge the academy, church, and community.


Our mission is to equip Asian American faith leaders to advance equity at the pulpit.


ISAAC (The Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity) creates a third space of learning where leaders in the academy, church, and community can collaboratively advance the development of Asian American faith leaders.

Based on mutual learning and empowerment, we provide mentorship and seminars on tangible leadership skills that advance institutions and communities. We publish the annual journal ChristianityNext, resources by, of, and for Asian Americans and others, and tell our collective stories through our podcast and PastoraLab cohorts, and the National Survey on Asian American Congregational Leadership. 

How to Fuel Your Passion

Focused on equipping a multi-denominational group of entrepreneurial Asian American women and Latinas, this eight-session course integrates faith and practical leadership skills for participants to assume leadership positions upon completion of the program. Participants will identify a personal passion project and develop it from start to finish with seasoned experts in their respective fields.


A communal learning space designed for Asian American women faith leaders to thrive.  Participants will engage in mentorships with other Asian American faith leaders, learn practices to build a healthy and holistic ministry, and cultivate their Asian American Christian leadership identity. 



An interdisciplinary journal creating new pathways for Asian North American Christianity

A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits

Edited by Young Lee Hertig & Foreword by Edwin David Aponte

The Tao of Asian American Belonging: A Yinist Spirituality

By Young Lee Hertig

Mirrored Reflections: Reframing Biblical Characters

Edited by Young Lee Hertig & Chloe Sun


ChristianityNext is an interdisciplinary journal creating new pathways for Asian North American Christianity. It affirms its evangelical and ecumenical roots in order to ask new questions and practice new ways of being.

Our Three Ts


People whose intellectual and historical knowledge is unrecorded remain marginalized, and therefore, each generation perpetually pioneers without any bridge to connect generational wisdom and legacies. ISAAC commits to transcribing Asian American Christian issues and histories through journals and resource books in paperback and online.


In transcribing the generational wisdom and legacies, it is imperative to translate across Ethnicity, Generation, and Gender (EGG). The previous generation’s wisdom does not entirely translate to the next generation. It is up to each ethnic group, generation, and gender to translate them to their unique contexts.


Creating an intersectional learning space is crucial in transmitting knowledge and practices across EGG. Inclusive and diverse knowledge and representations enrich learning in contrast to homogeneous knowledge and practices. Daring to see realities and Christianity from multiple lenses provides learning at its best.

Our Partners