An Intersectional Learning Space


Since 2006, the Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity has provided research and resources for scholars and church leaders who engage Asian American Christians. Today, ISAAC continues to raise culturally-rooted spiritual leaders led by a team of scholars, pastors, and civic leaders.

Our Mission

We create a third space of learning where leaders in the academy, church, and community can collaboratively advance the development of Asian American faith leaders. Based on mutual learning and empowerment, we provide mentorship and seminars on tangible leadership skills that advance institutions and communities. We publish the annual journal ChristianityNext, resources by, of, and for Asian Americans and others, and tell our collective stories through our podcast and PastoraLab cohorts, and the National Survey on Asian American Congregational Leadership. 

Year-End Report

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible donors whose generosity drives our mission to advance equity in the pulpit. Explore the 2023 donation charts below to see the tangible impact of your support! Thank you for making a difference.

Equipping Asian American faith leaders to advance equity at the pulpit.


A communal learning space designed for Asian American women faith leaders to thrive.  Participants will engage in mentorships with other Asian American faith leaders, learn practices to build a healthy and holistic ministry, and cultivate their Asian American Christian leadership identity. 

We create intersectional learning spaces, daring to see realities and Christianity from multiple lenses to provide learning at its best.

Research Survey

“The time for systematic study of Asian American churches is now. Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity (ISAAC) began conducting a first-of-its-kind National Survey of Asian American Congregational Leadership Practices in June, 2022 with funding provided by the Lilly Foundation. The congregations participating in this pilot study are all English language congregations, both independent churches as well as those which are part of an Asian immigrant church. While this pilot project is ongoing until 2024 with more data analysis forthcoming, this baseline study has already yielded preliminary findings in a number of key areas…”

People whose intellectual and historical knowledge is unrecorded remain marginalized. ISAAC commits to gathering data to reflect the needs of the Asian American Christian community.


ISAAC commits to transcribing Asian American Christian issues and histories through journals and resource books in paperback and online.


An interdisciplinary journal creating new pathways for Asian North American Christianity

A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits

Edited by Young Lee Hertig & Foreword by Edwin David Aponte

The Tao of Asian American Belonging: A Yinist Spirituality

By Young Lee Hertig

Mirrored Reflections: Reframing Biblical Characters

Edited by Young Lee Hertig & Chloe Sun


The podcast, “When Women Preach…” highlights women preachers from AAPI and Latinx faith communities. In order to create a more equal pulpit, we talk about experiences and resources that prepare women of color to preach effectively. We currently have over 6,300 downloads!

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