An Intersectional Learning Space


Since 2006, the Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity has been providing research and resources for scholars and church leaders who engage Asian American Christians. Today, ISAAC continues to raise culturally-rooted spiritual leaders led by a team of scholars, pastors, and civic leaders. 

Our Mission

We create a third space of learning where leaders in the academy, church, and community can collaboratively advance the development of Asian American faith leaders. Based on mutual learning & empowerment, our work includes mentorship, hosting conferences & seminars, and publishing resources on Asian American Christianity that crosses the boundaries of ethnicity, generation, and gender.

Our Programs

How to Fuel Your Passion focuses on equipping a multi-denominational group of entrepreneurial Asian American women and Latinas, integrating faith & practical leadership skills. PastoraLab focuses on creating communal learning spaces for Asian American women ministers to revitalize their callings by embracing their multiple identities.


ChristianityNext is an interdisciplinary, scholarly exploration of Asian North American Christianity — published by ISAAC. It affirms its evangelical and ecumenical roots and asks different questions and practices new ways of being. Its contribution is both theoretical and practical and it values both original research as well as lived experience.

Equipping Asian American faith leaders to advance equity at the pulpit.

Latest News

Executive Director’s Corner | November
Executive Director’s Corner | November

The year 2022 was filled with gratitude for God’s provision of turning dreams into realities! We have met exceptional Asian American and Latina faith leaders through our two flagship programs: 1) PastoraLab for Asian American Women Ministers and 2) How To Fuel Your...

S2, Episode 12: An Asian American Church Planter
S2, Episode 12: An Asian American Church Planter

Rev. Dr. Mia Chang shares her experience as a church planter of a multi-cultural congregation. She shares how her immigrant Korean church background taught her the fundamentals of church planting, the values that kept her grounded throughout the process, and the...

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

We are raising $13,000 to provide 35 women with the opportunity to attend PastoraLab, a two-year program that equips Asian American women ministers with hermeneutical knowledge, mutual learning, and empowerment to advance their pastoral leadership. Our goal at the...