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The 7th Symposium: Christianity Next: “Dones” and “Nones”?

February 28, 2016

How do we bring millennial young adults back or into churches who have declared they are “done” with organized Christian churches or who are Christians with no (none) involvement with churches?

February 27, 2016 (Sat)
Young Nak Celebration Church, Jefferson Campus

The increasing number of “Dones” and “Nones” in relation to Christianity in America, as demonstrated by recent work from the Pew Research Center, has sent shockwaves throughout more than a few Christian circles.

As faith leaders, denominations, and seminaries wrestle with the implications, ISAAC and partnering organizations planned a series of forums with scholars, and intergenerational faith leaders to discuss cogent questions to explore the departure of the “Dones” and “Nones” from the institutional church and research qualitative and quantitative solutions towards revitalizing mainline denominations, through interracial/generational/sexual/denominational reimagining of Christianity Next.

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