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S4: Ep 1: Cris Coniconde

March 15, 2024

S4: Ep 1: Embracing identity as a Japanese American daughter of God with Cris Coniconde

In this episode, we sit down with Cris Coniconde, the Discipleship Director at Menlo Church, as well as a participant of our PastoraLab Cohort in the vibrant Bay Area.

Join us as Cris shares her remarkable story, reflecting on her profound journey through ministry. From her humble beginnings to her current impactful roles within the church and community.

Host: ISAAC // @isaacfellowship // www.isaacweb.org
Co-host / Sound Producer: Diana Shing
Music: Paul Choi

Disclaimer: The views, actions, and affiliations of guests invited to this podcast do not always reflect ISAAC’S official stances; they belong to the guests. This podcast is a platform for voices to be shared and perspectives to be discussed.