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ChristianityNext: Identity, Visibility & Invisibility

February 27, 2024

ChristianityNext Issue #8: “Identity, Visibility & Invisibility” Winter 2024 is now available!

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People of color live between two or more cultures which results in fragmented identity. Identity issues for people of color affect all aspects of their lives. The uprootedness from migration on the one hand, and dislocated white-centric educational curriculum on the other put them in a liminal space. Considering that ministry flows out of one’s being, reclaiming one’s individual and collective identities matter. 


Ruth: Identity and Leadership from Multivocal Spaces (Reprint with Epilogue)
By Deborah Hearn Gin

Christology and Colonial Mentality: Sketching Liberation for Filipino Americans
By E. David DeLeon

Narrative Articles

My Transpacific Migration: Moral Injury, Healing, and Saved by JesusYuri Yamamoto

Migration, Identity and Vocation: Exploring the Second Careers of the Prophet Ezekiel and First Generation South Asian AmericansGeomon George

On Becoming Indigenous Liuan Huska

Book Reviews

Jay Y. Kim
Analog Christian: Cultivating Contentment, Resilience, and Wisdom in the Digital Age
Reviewed by Enoch S. Charles

Jenny T. Wang
Permission to Come Home: Reclaiming Mental Health as Asian Americans
Reviewed by Samuel Thomas

Young Lee Hertig
A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits
Reviewed by Andrew Lee

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S4: Ep 1: Cris Coniconde

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