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S3, Episode 8: Elaine Paull

September 13, 2023

Rev. Elaine Paull walks us through her sermon prep. as she seeks to help people grow & deepen their relationship with God through presenting all of Scripture (the Old Testament & New Testament). She brings a voice as a woman, an Asian American, married to a Jewish American, and aims to create spaces where differences are both accepted & celebrated. 

Rev. Elaine Paull’s | website
Amy Jill-Levine | resources & books
Website: https://www.sefaria.org/texts
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin | Jewish Wisdom 
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks | Covenant & Conversation 

Host: ISAAC // @isaacfellowship // www.isaacweb.org
Co-host / Sound Producer: Joana Choi
Music: Paul Choi

Disclaimer: The views, actions, and affiliations of guests invited to this podcast do not always reflect ISAAC’S official stances; they belong to the guests. This podcast is a platform for voices to be shared and perspectives to be discussed.

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