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Executive Director’s Corner | August 2023

September 1, 2023

Ministry involves transforming people’s dark sides into light. Like farmers, ministers must wait patiently for harvest after planting the seeds.

We grieve that Maui, paradise, turned into an inferno! The many lives lost without any warnings cannot be replaced. It will take a long time to rebuild this community burnt into ashes. The non-native plants covering the island were one of many factors that fueled the burning of the paradise. How vulnerable can human-made civilization be? Wreckless development against God’s economy proved to be destructive. Crisis discloses either the bright or the dark sides of humanity. Politicians and policymakers have had their talking summits for over three decades with no actions. People of color, although impacted by climate crises, perceive environmental issues as mainly white liberal elites and continue to remain mute. Pulpits of color are also silent on this urgent creation care, which has been neglected while focusing on otherworldly salvation. It is time to preach about creation care and the God of all creation.  

Young Lee Hertig
Executive Director