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Executive Director’s Corner | May 2023

June 1, 2023

One of the vast learning curbs for running a nonprofit organization involves fundraising. Although often labeled as a “fearless leader,” when it comes to asking matters, I feel vulnerable knowing how closely people’s emotions are tied to money. To my surprise, this year’s GiveInMay campaign filled my heart with joy because more people responded with generosity toward donating to PastoraLab’s sustainability fund. For the first time, I found myself having fun asking people to donate a minimum of $1.00; many chose to give generously. Reconnecting with friends from the past, current, and new engenders joy and gratitude. I have met more great Asian American Christians this month than ever and am grateful for their generosity and confirmation of ISAAC’s mighty causes. A collective spirit ignites the mission!!!  Collective power can move a mountain or two!

Thanks to all the Pastoras who mobilized their circle to donate to sustain PastoraLab program.  It was nothing short of a thriller, indeed with neck and neck competitions among the top three organizations.

I want to thank Joy Wong, who got fired up about a  $1.00 minimum donation and mobilizing her circles, and Joana Choi, who kept up with the social media messages. Thank you to all the donors for making our shared dream possible–gender equality and equity for Asian American Women Ministers through PastoraLab.  

Young Lee Hertig
Executive Director