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PastoraLab Spotlight: Jean Shim

January 31, 2023

Jean Shim is a PastoraLab Online cohort member. She is the Pastor of Young Adults and Ministries at Central Square Church in Cambridge, MA.



“PastoraLab has been a wonderful space to meet other Asian women in ministry, develop friendships, and learn with them. God is doing amazing things in and through the women in my cohort and I am grateful to walk with them in their journey, and have the space to grow and develop in my own journey as well. The shared sense of calling and the encouragement I have received from the women has been a wonderful gift. I am also thankful for the facilitators and the different topics they guide us through to stimulate our minds and develop our leadership skills. I have been enjoying our readings and guided discussions, and it has helped me reflect on my own ministry context. PastoraLab has been a great personal and professional resource as I continue to serve and pastor in the local church. I look forward to the second year of our cohort!”

Los Angeles Cohort

Applications OPEN

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