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PastoraLab Spotlight: Angel Wu

January 31, 2023

Angel Wu Chau is a PastoraLab Los Angeles cohort member. She is the English and Youth minister at Evangelical Formosan Church of Alhambra, a former Montessori preschool teacher, lifestyle photographer, and also a Mandarin language teacher. She is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and desires to fully live out her call to serve God life alongside her husband John.



God has instilled a passion in me for equipping the 1.5 and 2nd generation of Asian Americans. I was searching for a safe, stimulating, and enriching group of Asian American female leaders and am grateful that I found it with PastoraLab. This feels like an answered prayer in my life and my ministry. I feel affirmed, a sense of belonging and accountability with these like-minded pastors, therapists, and church leaders. 

As a pastor’s and seminary professor’s kid, I deeply resonate with those with similar backgrounds and have a heart for those who grew up in the church but no longer attend church.

In this season of my life, I am walking through the darkest valley of grieving two miscarriages, the death of my beloved Mother to Covid-19 and the recent death of my grandmother. Despite these tragic events, I am clinging to God’s comfort, peace, and faithfulness to carry me through this difficult time. As a result, I’m able to minister to those around me who have gone through similar experiences. Lastly, I have found tremendous healing in processing my sadness and emotions with a therapist as I continue in my grief journey.  

Los Angeles Cohort

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