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ChristianityNext: Gender & Ecojustice

January 23, 2023

ChristianityNext Issue #7: “Gender & Ecojustice” Winter 2023 is now available! Get your copy by donating to ISAAC at Vanco or contacting us at info@christianitynext.org.

In the last 30 years, world leaders have been talking away the impending ecological crisis without walking their talks. Often environmental issues are perceived and shaped by the white middle class with people of color somewhat absent from the table. The heartbeat of the environmental crisis today flows from the flaws of Christian theology and from pulpits that focus on otherworldly and individual salvation. In response to this reductionistic theology, ChristianityNext issue 7 alerts Asian American Christians and the wider community to our responsibilities for the tender care of God’s creation. We hope this discourse will find its way to Asian American pulpits and households and lead toward responsible stewardship of the environment.


Mission Theology and Stewardship of the Earth
By Young Lee Hertig

Christians and Creation Care. A Response to Mission Theology and Stewardship of the Earth
By Andrew Lee

Ecological Civilization and Byungmoo Ahn’s Minjung Theology
By Dongwoo Lee

Narrative Articles

A Bible Written from an Indigenous Perspective Could Reframe Christians’ Connection to the Earth
By Liuan Huska

Book Reviews

Sabrina S. Chan, Linson Daniel, E., David de Leon, and La Thao
Learning Our Names: Asian American Christians on Identity Relationships and Vocation
Reviewed by Ranjo Clements

Jonathan Tran
Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism
Review by Der Lor

Jessica Wai-fong Wong
Disordered: The Holy Icon and Racial Myths
Reviewed by Ann Gillian Chu