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S2, Episode 11: Advancing Equity Through Data

October 26, 2022

Dr. Deborah H.C. Gin invites us to explore how we, as women leaders, can use data to our advantage to shed light in unknown places. She names specific challenges women of color in leadership positions face, lists the -isms women are subject to, and lists practical strategies to address them.

ATS Research & Data: https://www.ats.edu/ATS-Research-Staff-Deborah-H-C-Gin
Article from AAWOL, written by Dr. Gin: When Self-Denial is Beautiful

Host: ISAAC // @isaacfellowship // www.isaacweb.org
Co-host / Sound Producer: Joana Choi
Music: Paul Choi

Disclaimer: The views, actions, and affiliations of guests invited to this podcast do not always reflect ISAAC’S official stances; they belong to the guests. This podcast is a platform for voices to be shared and perspectives to be discussed.

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