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PastoraLab Spotlight: Pia Flores

September 20, 2022

Pia M. Flores is an LA Cohort member and is currently an Inquirer in the PC (USA) ordination process. She is a member serving at Community Presbyterian Church of La Mirada and guest preaches on occasion. Pia is working at a private Christian school in LA County with her husband, grateful for the chance to take a step outside of vocational ministry to further discern ordination. 


I grew up in a denomination which affirms female ordination and leadership. Despite this, actually seeing female pastors was a rarity for me and something I never thought I would be called to. In recent years, I have been stretched to explore and embrace further my uniqueness as a woman and as a Filipino-American.

God has blessed me with opportunities to connect with not only other female pastors and leaders, but specifically those that are Asian-American. One of these opportunities has been PastoraLab. This cohort has been a place of real safety, loving challenge, and a nurturing space. It has given me the language to identify what was really happening in my context and gave me the support I needed to step out in faith. PastoraLab has also reminded me to use the voice that God has given me and invest in others the way that I have been invested in. In our most recent cohort meeting, I was able to reflect on God’s faithfulness in my church community, as well as impart the wisdom and experience I have gained with other sisters in our group. I am forever grateful to the Lord, ISAAC, and the amazing sisters in Pastoralab.

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