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PastoraLab Spotlight: Ann Choe

August 18, 2022

Ann Choe is a pastor at Epicentre Church in Pasadena, serving on the Senior Executive Team, overseeing equipping and training, and occasionally preaching. Her passion is to see people encounter the love of Jesus and to be activated into the fullness of who God’s made them to be. She is married to Yong and is privileged to be a mom to Joel (2) and Annabelle (7 mo). 


“When I was younger exploring my vocational calling, I focused primarily on cross-cultural work. After spending some time overseas, I returned back to the US and found myself in US based church ministry.

As I did this, I saw God’s hand and nudging towards embracing my call as a woman pastor. This was surprising to me since I had never had an imagination for this as a possibility. A colleague of mine had encouraged me to consider joining Pastoralab as I explored this.

PastoraLab has been a safe, inviting space for me to be seen, encouraged, and challenged in my unique identity and voice as a pastor. I’ve been able to reflect and see the areas I need to put in my own life for support in to thrive as a leader. I’ve taken more initiative to preach at my church since I realized I have a perspective others need to hear. I’ve felt my calling as a pastor affirmed even as I navigate my season of life as a mom of young children. And mostly, I can journey on knowing that I have other sisters who are on the same path as me and can understand. I’m grateful PastoraLab has provided this for me.”

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