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August 3, 2022

ISAAC is gathering in partnership with the Asian American Research Initiative in San Francisco State University to address the growing demand and needs of the Asian American community’s overall well-being. Spiritually-rooted leaders, directly impacting their community, is crucial to carrying out this mission.

ISAAC has been committed to developing spiritually & culturally rooted leaders since 2006. Our program, PastoraLab, addresses the particular challenges & opportunities Asian American women ministers face from a historically marginalized social location. This program provides a communal learning space for Asian American women ministers to reflect on their experiences and embrace their personal and social identities as a principal text source.

We invite you to join us in partnership as we position ourselves to widen our capacity and impact our communities.

Our GALA Program Includes:

  • A keynote speaker address by Russell Jeung, the co-founder of
  • PastoraLab Testimonials from current cohort participants: Tina Teng-Henson
  • Invitation to pledge and support for ISAAC’s Capacity Building

What is PastoraLab?

PastoraLab for Asian American Women Ministers equips Asian American women ministers with the hermeneutical knowledge, mutual learning, and empowerment to advance their pastoral leadership.

Keynote Speaker | Russell Jeung

Dr. Russell Jeung received a BA in Human Biology and a MA in Education from Stanford University. After working in China and in the Mayor’s Office of San Francisco, he obtained his PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2000. He currently teaches at San Francisco State University’s Asian American Studies Department in 2002.

His research interests include the Sociology of Race, the Sociology of Religion, and Social Movements. Dr. Jeung is extensively engaged with his students in conducting community-based, participatory research with Asian American communities.

In 2020, Dr. Jeung launched Stop AAPI Hate, a project of Chinese for Affirmative Action, the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council, and SF State Asian American Studies. It tracks Covid-19 related discrimination in order to develop community resources and policy interventions to fight racism.

PastoraLab Testimonial: Tina Teng-Henson

Tina spent her 20s serving with InterVarsity at Harvard College, and her 30s in pastoral ministry at several Bay Area churches. She is training to be a spiritual director while otherwise responding to the missional opportunities God brings about in daily life as a community

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