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PastoraLab 2023 Open for Applications

July 28, 2022

“Divided we are conquered, and united we flourish: Mutual Learning, Mutual Empowerment.”


PastoraLab is a two-year program that equips Asian American women ministers with hermeneutical knowledge, mutual learning, and empowerment to advance their pastoral leadership. This program comprises of the following cohorts: one in Los Angeles, one in Orange County, and one Online. Each cohort will follow a curriculum developed by the Program Director and shaped by faculty in Biblical Studies and seasoned ministers. The program will also offer mentorships with seasoned Asian American faith leaders, build practices for a healthier and holistic ministry, and cultivate one’s Asian American Christian identity. Participants will receive a stipend and a certificate upon completion.

Participant Qualifications: 

  • A Christ-follower who has a lived-out faith and a maturing growing relationship with God.
  • A humble learner.
  • A leader whom others will follow and has influence, not just having titles or positions of leadership.
  • A leader who has experience in serving others and leading in congregational ministry [projects or teams] preferably in an Asian American community setting.
  • A leader who values the Imago Dei in each person and is respectful of all people, navigates loving others cross-culturally and intergenerationally, and works collaboratively [with men and women].
  • A leader who is committed to a local Asian American church or organization.
  • A leader who is committed to growing in their character and leadership.
  • A leader who can use technology well.

Program Requirements:

  • Mandatory attendance at 8 sessions (for a total of three hours per month) for 2 years.
  • One hour of individual preparation before each session for 2 years.
  • One half-day of PreachingLab seminar per year.
  • One annual all cohorts combined retreat [gender summit hosted by ISAAC] for 2-3 days. Gathering with other women of color for 2 years [the retreat plans to be in person unless the circumstance requires a virtual option. For more information, see the most recent Gender Summit.]
  • Commitment to constructing field-based Asian American hermeneutics.

Participation Stipend amount: TBD

Application Schedule

  • Deadline to Submit: October 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT
  • Interviews: End of November – early December 2022
  • Orientation: January 28, 2023 9-11 AM PT (Zoom)

**DEADLINE EXTENSION: November 15, 2022 at 11:59PM PT 

For more information, email us at info@isaacweb.org or visit isaacweb.org/pastoralab.

Program Outlines

Year 1

Session 1: Listen to participants’ leadership journeys as women, Asian Americans, and church leaders.

Session 2: Identify the stages of leadership from Level 1 to Level 5 and introduce the principles of distributive Yinist leadership.

Session 3: Share preaching preparation and style.

Session 4: Share cultural and biblical hermeneutical tools for Asian American settings. Session 5: Share the best examples of hermeneutical preaching.

Session 6: Share feminist, womanist, mujerista, and Yinist hermeneutics and their ministry applications to ministry.

Session 7: Share unexamined theological, biblical, and cultural assumptions and collectively examine habits of pastoral leadership and ecclesial structures.

Session 8: Develop a prophetic voice for the pulpit and public witness.

Year 2

Session 9: Share exemplars of thriving female pastoral leadership.

Session 10: Examine ecclesial culture and leadership structure.

Session 11: Learn how to interpret and navigate power dynamics.

Session 12: Learn and strengthen conflict mediation skills.

Session 13: Practice financial and environmental stewardship.

Session 14: Share obstacles and vehicles of advancing personal and organizational leadership practices.

Session 15: Share testimonials of liberating Christianity from patriarchy and colonization.

Session 16: Share fears and hopes of one’s ministry going forward.

PastoraLab all cohorts’ Retreat