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PastoraLab Participant Highlight

July 7, 2022

Tina Teng-Henson is a PastoraLab Online Cohort member. She is training to be a spiritual director while otherwise responding to the missional opportunities God brings about in daily life as a community chaplain, connector, writer and free agent in his kingdom. She is also an assistant pastor at Grace Community Covenant Church.

Read her vulnerable, moving article on highlighting her experience as a woman pastor struggling to juggle her callings as a student, church pastor, and a mother. It serves as a clear call for the church to tend to the mothers in their midst.

Caring for the Mothers in our Midst: The Church’s Responsibility: “After serving multiple churches over the course of multiple pregnancies, uncomfortable patterns emerge upon self-reflection. Many of these I personally own.. but some responsibilities do belong to the institutions and organizations we choose to serve and be part of. The care that churches and other Christian employers give to their pastoral staff and their congregants should reflect the loving protection of God..”