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June 2, 2022

Thank you to our incredible donors who helped us surpass our goal of $12,000! The total amount we raised through the GIVEINMAY campaign was $13,480. We also placed SECOND on the Giving Challenge leaderboard – making us eligible to receive an additional $8,500. We are incredibly grateful to each person who contributed towards our cause. Thanks to you, we are able to continue the work we have been dedicated to for over 15 years:

1. Bridging the knowledge gap in the academy through the continued publication of ChristianityNext.

2. Closing the gender gap in the church through PastoraLab for More Equal Pulpits.

3. Collecting the stories of women leaders through our podcast, When Women Preach, to share experiences and resources to prepare other women of color to preach effectively.

4. Equipping a multi-denominational group of entrepreneurial Asian American women and Latinas, by integrating faith and practical leadership skills.

Thank you!

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