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Newest Book Release: A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits

May 25, 2022

An Anthology edited by Young Lee Hertig

Foreword by Edwin David Aponte

Making academic hermeneutical work accessible for the pulpit, A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits reappropriates a gendered approach to biblical texts. Among the perspectives investigated, Kay Higuera Smith’s “Two Mothers – Two Promises” takes a perspective-shifting look at Sarah and Hagar; Eunny P. lee’s “Valorous and Wise: Women Who Build Up the House of God” depicts Ruth and the woman of Proverbs 31 as builders of the household; and Sophia Magallanes-Tsang’s “Listening for Your Voice; Let Me Hear It: The Prophetic Feminine Voice in Songs 8” interprets the Song of Songs as a prophetic female voice.

Book Review

A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits
Young Lee Hertig
Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2022. Paperback. ISBN 9781666712162

“A century after women’s suffrage, women still exist under a glass ceiling in American society, which is unfortunately still being scripturally justified within some ecclesial … communities. Hertig and her friends … help us see that the biblical message is even better news for women than the so-called gospel preached from predominantly male pulpits. Come, Holy Spirit – move afresh upon men and women, young and old, American and Asian – with a new Pentecost!”

– Amos Yong (Fuller Theological Seminary)

“This book is a delightful collection of works that successfully integrates personal stories with scholarly analyses, leading the reader to rediscover new insights from various biblical texts … I strongly recommend A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits as a wonderful tool for pastors, teachers, and seminary students, or simply for anyone who wants to study the Bible in a new way.”

– Loida I. Martell (Lexington Theological Seminary)

“I am very grateful for A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits. This collective work by respected practitioner scholars of the Asian American and Latina communities samples homiletics, biblical exegesis, and pulpit ministry otherwise … It helps us reposition our biblical readings in the ultimate reality of an equitable God, as supposed to binaries designed to support a hierarchical Eurocentric pulpit.”

– Oscar García Johnson (Fuller Theological Seminary)

“Hertig’s A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits persuasively argues that women of color who are preachers and teachers are the future of the prophetic Christian movement. It’s a must-read in our churches, colleges, and faith-rooted justice movements!”

– Peter Goodwin Heltzel (Boston University School of Theology)

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