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Learning Our Names

May 9, 2022

Learning our Names is an upcoming book from InterVarsity Press, centering the voices of 4 Asian American authors. As a part of AAPI Heritage month, our upcoming podcast episode in May (When Women Preach) will feature Sabrina Chan, the national director of Asian American Ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. As one of the main contributors to the upcoming book, she takes us through the journey of finding our true identities as we grapple with both the pain & the joy of discerning our names as Asian American Christians.

“We are often visible in all the ways we don’t want, but invisible because our voices aren’t heard.” Sabrina Chan

Book is available for preorder!


“In a world that often leaves us as Asian Americans feeling fragmented and unseen, Learning Our Names is a much-needed invitation for us to bring our whole selves to God. The authors’ reflections help create an entry point for each of us to examine our own stories individually and collectively.” Tracey Gee, leadership coach and consultant

“In this racial moment, all groups should consider how God is calling them and using them for his kingdom of grace, justice, and peace. Learning Our Names is a sorely needed reflection of how God is healing and setting apart Asian American followers of Jesus to be instruments of transformative hope. I especially appreciate how the authors integrate Scriptures, their personal narratives, and the collective wisdom of our community to speak truth into our lives. I wish I’d had such a book as a young person, and even as an older person I have been blessed by its insights.” Russell Jeung, San Francisco State professor of Asian American studies and cofounder of Stop AAPI Hate

“This is the Asian American discipleship book for the post-Trump, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, post-COVID, AAPI hate era. With their fingers on the pulse of this generation, Sabrina, Linson, David, and La show us what deep commitment to Christ looks like for young Asian Americans in their great diversity and complexity. In its contextual depth, sophistication, and nuances, this book sets a new benchmark for how Asian American ministry books should be written.” Daniel D. Lee, academic dean of the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of Doing Asian American Theology

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