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Season 2, Ep 5: A Path Towards Flourishing

April 4, 2022

When does it become necessary to walk away from certain spaces that prevent us from maximizing our God given gifts? How can our experiences be used to impact the next generation? Mia Shin describes her journey of walking away, and into new spaces that allow her to fully maximize her gifts of preaching, leadership, and community development.

Learn more about Mia Shin:

Instagram: @miateaches + @aapislo

Website: https://www.miashin.org/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCon70DGAT44_7GqfgOPCPRQ

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Host: ISAAC // @isaacfellowship
Co-host / Sound Producer: Joana Choi
Music: Paul Choi

Disclaimer: The views, actions and affiliations of guests invited on this podcast do not always reflect ISAAC’S official stances; they belong to the guests. This podcast is a platform for voices to be shared and perspectives to be discussed.

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