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ISAAC’s “How to fuel your passion” program to be funded by Trinity Wall Street grant

January 19, 2022

Launching a pilot cohort of 12 entrepreneurial Asian American women and Latina participants.

Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity’s (ISAAC) program has been awarded a major grant from Trinity Wall Street to educate 12 participants in a cohort to launch their own ministries and non-profits.

Focused on equipping a multi-denominational group of entrepreneurial Asian American women and Latinas, the eight-session course integrates faith and practical leadership skills to assume leadership positions.

These sessions include topics such as:

  • Bilateral Trust and Team Building: Expectations, Behavioral Covenant, and Mission Statement.
  • Increasing Financial Competency: Budget Planning, Financial Terms, and Fund Development Tools.
  • Strategic Communication and Media Relations.
  • Digital Technology and Business Plan: Navigating Digital Finesse and How to Develop a Business Plan.
  • Identifying Potential Partners for Collaboration and Fund Development: How to Identify Mission Partners and How to Build Relationships with Potential Funders.
  • Building a Faith-Based Organizational Culture: The Keys to Healthy Organizations and Organizational Culture.
  • Letters of Inquiry and Grant Writing: The Keys to a Successful Grant Application and The Metrics of Grant Writing.
  • Presenting a Business Plan and Grant Proposals: Feedback and Evaluations.

Applications will be accepted from January 20 thru the End of February 2022. – Latina applications are still being accepted; Asian American women applications are now full and are no longer being accepted.

Instructions for applying are now available at isaacweb.org/howtofuelyourpassion

For more information or questions, contact Soo Ji Alvarez, the Project Coordinator at opc@isaacweb.org

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