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Congratulations to Jane Hong-Guzman de Leon and TENx10 Collaboration

September 30, 2021

We congratulate Jane Hong-Guzman de Leon, ISAAC’s former Director of Communications, on her promotion in her career path as an Asian American woman minister. Through the various projects she has been and is still involved with at ISAAC and the encouraging relationships she made here, she was able to change tracks, and move into more supportive spaces for women of color where there is more mentorship, teaching that empower women in leadership, opportunities, and ways to grow in her ministry path. Jane went from being on ISAAC’s staff, to serving as a Project Coordinator, Coach, and Content Advisor at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI).

Now, she has been promoted to be the TENx10 Collaboration Training Manager. TENx10 is a nationwide collaborative discipleship movement that includes people from over 40 diverse denominations and partner organizations, including the Fuller Youth Institute, Life.Church, the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Orange, Pinetops Foundation, and the Urban Youth Workers Institute.

These organizations are working together to give youth leaders the support, training, strategy, and tools they need to effectively disciple young people. The goal of TENx10 is for faith to matter more for 10 million teenagers in the next 10 years, and their public launch will be next year.

We congratulate Jane on her promotion!

For more information, check out tenx10.org and if you want to reach out to Jane to find out how you can be a part of the TENx10 Collaboration, email her at janeguzmandeleon@fuller.edu.

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