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A Pastoral Message About ISAAC Team Member

August 26, 2021

It is with great sadness that I share with our ISAAC community that Miriam Cho, ISAAC’s Multimedia Producer, has unexpectedly died.

All of us who have been following ISAAC’s “Women Who Preach” Podcast know Miriam well.  She was always so excited about interviewing, recording, and editing each episode and doing so at the speed of light.

Miriam also produced the 3-minute ISAAC Introduction Video for our 15th Anniversary Gala.

Miriam’s fingerprints are all over our computers as well as ISAAC.  Personally, it has been so fun to work with her.  Together we have accomplished so much for our community, at the speed of light (빨리 빨리).

You are not replaceable, Miriam.  And I miss our conversations and laughter!  I look forward to seeing you up there.

Please join me in prayer for her family and all of her loved ones.


Rev. Dr. Young Lee Hertig
Executive Director
Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity (ISAAC)

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