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Shared Insights from AAWOL Sisters

April 19, 2021

These shared insights are excerpted from the AAWOL Sisters’ blog. The blog provides an empowering and supportive community of peers and mentors for spiritual, emotional and physical health. Along the journey as a group, AAWOL has already discovered that there is strength—and great joy—to be had in fellowship with one another and with God.

I’ve been seeing this pattern in my life, over and over: It seems that every good gift that I’ve received from God – usually in the form of significant people being brought into my life — has involved a long wait and the cultivation of patience. During the waiting period, I tend to ask God, Why does it have to take this long? Are You going to answer my prayer?

Nadia Siswanto, Patience in Waiting

I feel like God has called me to my finance job, but all the things that I would identify myself as – Asian, female, introvert, mother, and Christian – make me feel like a fish out of water in my industry. I’m constantly reminded of all the cards stacked against me, and recently I’ve been asking myself, Why do I keep going? However, despite my doubts, I feel like God keeps telling me to be obedient to Him, and that through my weakness, He is glorified. I don’t really know what that means in terms of my career, but I do feel a strong sense of calling, even when I don’t have it figured out yet.

Kate Hwang, Staying in the Game

I prayed, “God, I want to be a person of prayer, but I don’t really know what that looks like as a minister and as a leader. I really want to know what that means.” Part of this involved going to God more in my personal prayer times, but one surprising thing was that I found it had impact on direct ministry with people. I began praying with people more. Instead of giving advice, I just prayed with them and asked them to go to Jesus themselves, and instead of me trying to wrap my brain around what to do, God just began showing up in people’s lives.

Ann Chen, Power in Prayer

Something God has been reminding me over and over again is my worth and value in Him. I’ve been experiencing revelation on this through various experiences.

… Over the next few days, this phrase really stood out to me, as I felt God speak those words into me as well — that I’m precious and valuable in His sight.

Khanh Ho, Surprise, You’re Beautiful!

I used to hold grudges and I would “save face” and hold it in. If somebody said something offensive, I didn’t say anything back. However, eventually there’d be a trigger and everything I held inside would come out. Over time, I realized that was very unhealthy. All the hurt and wrong that had been committed against me were never resolved. Unresolved hurt and emotions without an understanding of the root of the issue is very dangerous. It either all builds up to a boiling point or causes you to become very bitter.

Anita Liu, Forgiveness & Reconciliation
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