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Developing Asian American Christian Women Leaders

November 17, 2020

How can evangelical women from an Asian American heritage be better developed leaders? Some programs, events, and publications have been helpful, but there isn’t enough yet.

ISAAC started a ministry in 2005 called Asian American Women On Leadership (AAWOL) to provide Asian American evangelical women in ministry with a safe place to discuss their common concerns and to share resources to face common challenges.

In addition to in-person gatherings of evangelical Asian American women for leadership renewal and development, the AAWOL blog at aawolsisters.com gives a platform for Asian American women leaders to share stories from their faith journeys—“We have found that by telling our own stories, with transparency and vulnerability, and hearing those same stories from other Asian American women ministry leaders, provides great encouragement and a community with whom to journey together.

Common Challenges and Concerns

Asian American women in ministry have real needs, as noted in the About page at aawolsisters.com

Most of us faced significant responsibilities and expectations for perfection, but with virtually no vocational, emotional and spiritual support or mentorship. Many of us felt overworked, undervalued and on the verge of burnout.

… It is our experience and sincere belief that an empowering and supportive community of peers and mentors is essential for spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Top 12 Leadership Topics for Asian American Christian Women

With blog posts dating back to 2007, a number of recurring topics have surfaced time and time again. The aawolsisters.com blog’s tag cloud (shown on right) prominently surfaces these top 12 issues for Asian American women leaders:

Growing as a leader takes enormous effort and it all starts with the person. For the Christian, that means one’s identity in Jesus Christ, enough and fully accepted. This poem by Margaret Yu speaks powerfully to that identity—

i am not enough
i am doing it all wrong
i am not good enough
i am not Asian enough
i am not White enough
i am simply not good enough
i am not—
i am too—
i am—
i get fearful of—
Will i be enough for me?
Will i be too much for others?
Will i be too much for Him?
Will i be accepted, loved finally for me?
Will i love
In Him, I AM is enough,
In Him, I AM is all sufficient,
In Him, I AM is love,
In Him, I AM is loveable,
In Him, I can love…
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