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Asian American Women on Leadership (AAWOL)

April 23, 2018

The AAWOL blog began with the recognition that for many Asian American women ministry leaders, one of the most difficult aspects of the faith and vocational journey is feeling alone. Our strategy to counter this aloneness is to host an online platform for Asian American women leaders to share stories from their faith journeys. We have found that by telling our own stories, with transparency and vulnerability, and hearing those same stories from other Asian American women ministry leaders, provides great encouragement and a community with whom to journey together. Those who contribute to our blog include pastors, writers, counselors, scholars, missionaries, and even those with past ministry experience who are not currently active in a leadership role, due to the season of life they find themselves in.

We hope you will join us, either in listening to our stories, or perhaps if you yourself are an Asian American woman ministry leader, in telling your stories for others to hear! If interested, please contact Joy Wong at aawolsisters@gmail.com.

AAWOL and ISAAC have also released Mirrored Reflectionsa series of reflections on how the stories of select biblical characters mirror their own stories with questions for discussion. AAWOL sisters reframe these biblical stories through a Yinist lens and envision fresh, powerful leadership principles that empower women. Learn more >