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ISAAC’s Co-Founder Stories

December 6, 2016

“ISAAC was good for my soul. After a traumatic separation from my vocation as a theological educator, my colleagues and friends with ISAAC helped restore my broken spirit. Through ISAAC, I continued to engage both the academic world and Asian American Christianity. To this day, I remain grateful for ISAAC and look forward to its continued success!”

-Rev Tim Tseng, PhD

“When I was a seminary professor, I was very concerned that my Asian American students were being implicitly trained for ministry in white suburban churches. In addition, seminary professors from Asia were unaware of the Asian emigrant experience in America. 

Because ISAAC is a “third space,” it was asked to organize a national conference for Asian American faculty. Through workshops, faculty members faced critical issues that would prepare them to better educate their students to minister in Asian American contexts. ISAAC’s facilitation of this faculty consultation was a concrete way it helped bridge the seminary with the church.” 

-Rev. Russell Moy, Ph.D.

“When we started ISAAC in 2006 we noticed we seldom had to explain the need to people–the need was obvious. Now, ten years later, the need is surely even greater. Asian American Christianity has continued to grow in size, complexity, and thus the need for fruitful dialog between the church and the academy has only grown.”

– Russell Yee, PhD.

“ISAAC  is an affirming place for Asian American women theologians, pastors , and educators.  It provides a platform for Asian American women ‘ voices and narratives that need to be heard. It allows for inter-disciplinary engagement and provides the much needed resources for the church and Asian American Christian leaders.”

-Rev Viji Nakka Camauff, Ph.D.

“ISAAC fulfills a dream going all the way back to 1981.  Then, as a first year seminary student, I faced a Eurocentric curriculum that excluded nonwhite knowledge. These early experiences started me on my journey to champion the cause of bringing Asian American stories and experiences to the theological education.  We dare to dream a 3rd way of delivering a more holistic theological education that overcomes the compartmentalized curriculum and divided traditions.”

-Rev Young Lee Hertig, Ph.D.

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