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The 4th Symposium: When Theologies Hit The Ground

December 30, 2012

Jesus brings down the lawyer’s theology down to earth in the Good Samaritan story.

  • What does living out the gospel look like in a postgrowthmanship era where modernity’s mantra, “the bigger the better,” no longer seems sustainable with 7 billion people inhabiting the earth?
  • What tangible ways can the church engage with the surrounding communities for sustainable living?
  • How can we [liberate] theologies from the [lofty] walls to the ground of everyday life?

In grappling with these issues, we invite Cecil Chip Murray whose theology and leadership has hit the ground running more than four decades by engaging the communities to empower the disempowered. As a pastor, scholar, and agent of change, Murray continues to empower and transmit his legacies to many.

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S4: Ep 1: Cris Coniconde

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Special: Joana’s Final Episode

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