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TEE 2012

July 31, 2012

Date: April, June, and July 2012

TEE is designed to provide opportunities for Asian American leaders to experience the resilient Asian American stories and legacies by visiting historical sites in Los Angeles. The site visits include the multicultural birthing narratives of Los Angles of Olvera Street, and Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and Koreatown. Asian American scholars and pastors will facilitate dialogue for theological reflection and ministry implication in both plenary and small group formats.

S4, Ep. 3: Discovering Hidden Korean Heritage
S4, Ep. 3: Discovering Hidden Korean Heritage

In today's episode, we feature Russell Moy, ISAAC's Co-Founder and Board Chair, as he shares about how his rich Korean heritage and lineage intersects with the deep Christian faith of his late mother, Dorothy Jhung Moy. To honor her life and legacy, ISAAC will have a...