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The 2nd Symposium: The Lost Coin

February 22, 2011

Dates: February 7-9, 2011

2nd Asian American Equipping Symposium sponsored by ISAAC and Fuller Seminary.

“The Lost Coin: Asian American Church History”

The second “Living Out the Gospel” symposium will address an important missing dimension in North American Christianity: Asian and Pacific American History. Unless people know where they come from, they will not know who they are and where they are going. Without a shared understanding of the Asian Pacific American (APA) past, there will be no unity in the future of Asian Pacific American Christianity. Finally, in order to construct APA hermeneutical work for the 21st century, locating APA history is critical.  Speakers will include Richard J. Mouw, Douglas McConnell, David Yoo, Timothy Tseng, Charlene Jin LeeAmos YongChandra Mallampalli, Grace Yia-Hei KaoEugene ChoBo Lim, Esther Chung-KimHelen RheeKevin Park, selected authors of Mirrored Reflections (Chloe Sun, Debbie Hearn Gin, & Young Lee Hertig), and Fuller faculty.

This symposium will interrogate the historical amnesia in church and academy regarding Asian Pacific Americans. The following questions will be addressed:

  • Why is religion (and Christianity, in particular) missing in Asian Pacific American historical studies?
  • Why is Asian Pacific America missing in the histories of American Christianity and Church History?
  • Why do evangelicals overlook APA history?
  • What explains the use and misuse of social sciences in the study of APA Christian history?
  • Why is understanding Asian American history, both the particular and the common, significant in constructing APA hermeneutics and identities?
  • What will “the Gospel” look like within a historically informed “living” context of changing Asian American contexts and identities?
  • How can church leaders appropriate history in their ministries among the APA community?

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