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Shared Insights from AAWOL Sisters

Shared Insights from AAWOL Sisters

These shared insights are excerpted from the AAWOL Sisters' blog. The blog provides an empowering and supportive community of peers and mentors for spiritual, emotional and physical health. Along the journey as a group, AAWOL has already discovered that there is...

Shared Insights from AAWOL Sisters

Developing Asian American Christian Women Leaders

How can evangelical women from an Asian American heritage be better developed leaders? Some programs, events, and publications have been helpful, but there isn't enough yet. ISAAC started a ministry in 2005 called Asian American Women On Leadership (AAWOL) to provide...

Eating Alone by Young Lee Hertig

Photo by Ushi Sama Last year  when visiting Korea, I read a newspaper article on the plane about a growing open table fellowship phenomenon at some restaurants in Seoul. Urbanization having displaced a large population from their families, many live as migrants to big...